Prophetic Activation School 2020                (50 Hour School)



5 Saturdays


Life Passion Church
Unit G2/1371 Botany Rd,
NSW 2019

Prophetic Activation School is a 50 hour school designed to fast pace the Prophetic in your life.

The combination of Intensives Days ensure your learning & growth will be firmly established.

Our Prophetic Activation Schools are a balance of 50% sound biblical teaching and 50% practical activations. We take you through simple steps on how to activate your Spiritual Senses and gain more confidence in Hearing God’s Voice for yourself and others. This training is designed to help you to be equipped to move past your doubts and fears that may be stopping you from confidently Hearing God’s voice, his desires and God communicating with You.

​Activating – This is a very important component to our school. We break down for you step by step ways to unlock your ‘Hearing Ear & Seeing Eye’ to fine tune to receiving from your God. This deepens and clarifies your relationship with God. All Prophetic should come from our relationship with God.

Some of the topics we cover in the theory are

  • ​Prophetic Guidelines
  • ​Know the Father
  • ​Developing the Prophetic Gift
  • ​The role of the prophetic in different realms - personal, church, business, New Age.
  • ​Hindrances to the fulfilment of personal Prophecy

Confidence – Hear God’s voice for yourself. This is so important in this day and at this time in history, so that we will be people that confidently receive communication from our creator. Each and every one of us actually do receive some type of communication, but sometimes we’re not sure how that comes. One of the biggest questions for most of us ask is ‘is it me or is it God’? We take you through how to identify when God is speaking to you.

There is a lot of practical steps we give you and work through in class to give you confidence in receiving clarity and accuracy from God.

After Building a firm Foundation we start the Refining of your Gifts. This develops the Presence and the Anointing of God within you.

We talk about

  • We talk about Prophetic Integrity
  • Developing and Ministering the anointing
  • Building Your Spiritual Authority
  • Pitfalls of the prophetic - including soul reading, charismatic witchcraft.
  • Gift of Discerning of Spirits
  • Releasing the Seers anointing.

Create increased growth in your Faith. In the refining stage of the course We talk about the obstacles, and the mistakes that man has made over the last few decades that has bought misunderstanding and fear of anything prophetic. We cover pitfalls that may be found around prophetic functioning and help you to identify how to function in a mature way and Honor God in everything you do prophetically therefore honing the integrity of the prophetic gift in your life.

Unfortunately in the past we have seen a lot of misunderstandings with the prophetic gift. We help you to know how to bring Honor to God and identify the things that honor Him when using Spiritual gifts.

​Be a relevant effective prophetic person to Minister to Unsaved

The How to…..

  • Be effective with Unchurched Spiritually Hungry People.
  • Change your 'lingo' to Represent Jesus in a pure way.
  • Give a Prophetic Reading
  • Be empowered with the right responses that shows acceptance to Unchurched.
  • Combat Religion and Legalism that disables us from showing God’s love.

Be equipped as an Effective Prophetic Person that brings Relevance to the world we live in of Spiritually Hungry People

Lorellee’s book ‘Revealing’ is the Handbook for this section.

Prophetic Activation School 2020 will bring your relationship with God to a greater depth and maturity.

There is limited places!
These classes can only have 40 students.

Prophetic Activation School 2020

You receive the following

  • 5 full 10 hour days of teaching and practical activations (value $1250)
  • 2 x workbook Manuals (value $70)
  • 2 x books to work through (value $40)
  • 6+ Zoom mentoring sessions  (value $240 this is for past and present students only)
  • Lunches, Morning / Afternoon teas included each day (value $150)
  • 1 one on one Spiritual mentoring session on completion (value $145)

Valued at $1895

Prophetic Activation School 2020 Only $597

Registration Special Bonus When Paid in Full

Register by 2 April and Pay in FULL you will receive – Special bonus – PAS MP3 download of entire first 10 theory sessions of school recording valued at $97 – plus a recorded Personal Prophecy prior to school commencing


Payment plan option – Register and Pay a deposit of $197 by 2 April. And then payment plan will receive MP3 recording of 2 “Activation” sessions plus recorded Personal Prophecy prior to school commencing

​We have a Special Returning students rate. For more info please email us for rates.